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jaime_king: There is only ONE ninja turtle in town and that is@taylorswift! Vid cred @kyle_newman

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It’s not that I’m this egomaniac and I don’t want to hear anything negative, because I do keep myself in check. But I’ve never developed that thick a skin. So I just kind of live a life, and I let all the gossip live somewhere else. If you go too far down the rabbit hole of what people think about you, it can change everything about who you are.

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Taylor Swift out and about on July 22 in NYC.

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Taylor Swift visits a recording studio in New York

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I’m so glad you see me as the constant in your life, because you are the constant in mine.” - Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Music Videos: (5/?)

Begin Again

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Thank you everyone who have been in my life these past what I guess almost 2 years? Or just 2 years? Since I’ve been on tumblr Idr I guess it was 2 years anyways, you guys are the best blogs ever you all are insanely talented ily all!!! Please let me know if I missed anyone :3 
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